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Cosmetic Surgery Perth WA

Choosing Your Surgeon with Experience

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, the choice of the correct surgeon to entrust your hopes and yourself is of paramount importance. You will want to know that he has the qualifications, experience and understanding to help fulfill your expectations. Every patient is unique and your surgeon needs to have a wide range of techniques to choose from to individualise your cosmetic surgery

Individualising the Operation

Every patient is different and each patient's expectation is different and the operation needs to be individualized. There is no substitute for experience.

Dr Chan has been performing cosmetic surgery for over 25 years and his skill and judgement has been built over a long period of time. Over the years he has developed variations to every operation so that he can individualise the operation for his patients.

He is also acknowledged as an innovator in new techniques and he teaches young aspiring Plastic Surgeons to pass on the benefit of his experience

Dr Chan's Philosophy

Dr Chan is very aware that every patient is unique.

You have a lot of say in your surgery. At your consultation, Dr Chan will listen to you very carefully, examine and explain the problem to you and he will discuss with you the options available to you. He will guide you as to which approach will work best. If Dr Chan feels that an operation may not be beneficial to you he will also advise you accordingly. Dr Chan's philosophy is that every patient is putting his or her faith in him and his staff and this decision by the patient has been made after much thought and with considerable expense. That is why Dr Chan feels that every patient deserves the very best attention from him and his staff at all times.

Operations Performed by Dr Chan

Because of the demand for cosmetic surgery in his practice he has focused entirely on cosmetic surgery. This has the advantage of him devoting his time in refining his techniques in these operations.

His most commonly performed operation is Breast Augmentation, closely followed by Rhinoplasty (nose shaping surgery).

He is also renowned for Liposculpture ( body shaping) and cosmetic facial surgery such as - 

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